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4:48 AM
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5:55 PM
CTF tournament

Posted by TournamentHost on the forum (let me know what u guys think of it, join or not):

Hello, I am hosting a Swbf2 CTF Tournament. This tournamennt will start on August 8th 2014 the way the tournament will work on the tournament start date a bracket will be posted and each team will have a week to play their match before the next round starts. There will be a 50$ prize to the winning team. More details about the tournament are below.

1. Will be listed at a later date

Server Settings:
1. 15 min timer
2. Team Killing on
3. 3 Flags
4. Waiting For Players On

Game Rules: 
1.No Tanks/Turrets
2. No Glitching
3. Special Classes Allowed
4. GCW Only unless both teams agree on CW.
5. Must be 3vs3 or higher, 2v2 is only allowed if both teams agree. If you can not get enough players you will forfiet the match.

Match Setup Rules:
1. Each team will pick a selected map out of the map pool and pick what faction they want on that map. If there is a tie in rounds (Example 1-1) the higher seed team will pick the next map and the lower seed team will pick the faction played on that map. (Seeds will be shown on the bracket)
2. The team captain of each team must inform the tournament host on what map they want before each match so the server can be ready. (A admin will be watching each match to fix the server settings and if needed will add the tie breaker map)
3. Matches can be played on what ever day in the week, each match will have to be played before the end of the week, if it is not played the tournament host will pick the day the match is played.

Map pool: 
1. Deathstar CTF
2. Mustafar CTF
3. Felucia CTF
4. Dagobah CTF
5. Tantive CTF 
6. Corusant CTF

If you have any questions be sure to ask.

Current Teams:
1. DarkSith
2. Crusaders Against Clans

If you are interested in joining post below with your team name and provide the best way of contacting you.

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Im interested in joining post.

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