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How to play Star Wars Battlefront online again

(You should get a SWBFGamers account, as it's usefull to download mods/map and because it's the SWBF Community Forum)



1. You need version 1.2 in order to play online again

To check if you have version 1.2  go to Multiplayer and have a look at the top right corner, it should say 1.2      if not: download the 1.2 patch

(It's very likely that you have version 1.2 if you have had the map Jabba's Palace from the beginning on)



2. Get the new .exe or modify your hosts file

2.1 Get the new .exe

2.1 To download the english .exe (works for every other language but german and french) go to;sa=view;down=1385

2.1 To download the german .exe go to;sa=view;down=1424

2.1 To download the french .exe go to;sa=view;down=1394

Extract the file you just downloaded with 7zip or WinRar

You can find your .exe here: LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData

Back up your original .exe and then put in the new .exe

Create a shortcut for this new .exe now and you are ready to play


2.2 How to Modify your hosts file

go to C:\WINDOWS\System32\drivers\etc open the hosts file with notepad and add the following lines

(this lets you play SWBF and SWBF2 online again, you then don't need to download any .exe)


If those lines are outdated get the new ones here:


3. Play online again :)

If you downloaded the .exe launch your game with the new .exe

If you modified your hosts file launch the game with your original .exe


Join the AR Public server and wait for more players to join



How to play Star Wars Battlefront 2 online again

(GameRanger has more players and only AI servers)

(SWBFSpy has less players and almost only password protected server)

(GoG officially reopened the MultiPlayer feature for for GoG and Steam players, but for now it has some serious bugs)

(GameRanger recommended)


Because of Gamespy's extended shutdown on June 30th and the resulting shutdown of the "normal" multiplayer, we wanted to list some ways how you can play SWBF2 after June.



Recommended: GameRanger:

Download GameRanger

Create an account on GameRanger

Confirm your account via e-mail

During the download, GameRanger should explain you how to join a session


Outdated: Gamemaster:

-->Go to to get the latest version of SWBFspy, the heir of GameMaster<--

Copy your downloaded .exe into your SWBF2 GameData
You can find your SWBF2.exe here: LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData

-uses an alternate Masterserver to connect



Not Recommended: Tunngle:

-Tunngle uses LAN to connect to server, but only LAN servers can be seen

-can be used for SWBF and SWBF2


Tunngle Tutorial for SWBF by {U.E.F} Clan (available in English, German & Greek)




If there are any mistakes, please send us an email

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