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Ancient Reborn
3:31 AM
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So there's a new clanwar on Sunday 04(JUNE)  at 8pm.

Everyone who's interested in playing should show up at that time!

Good luck to TNA and have fun :)



The game will start right away as soon as the server loaded the maps(unlike the League games where you have to wait for the countdown). We will play Conquest mode( not TeamDeathMatch). Beware Friendly Fire(TK) is off.

Side Selection is on; so check these settings to pick the right side immediately.

Map#1 AR = REB/CIS
Map#1 AR = EMP/REP

Map#2 AR = REB/CIS
Map#2 AR = EMP/REP

Alles nochmal auf deutsch:

Nachdem der Server die Map geladen hat geht es sofort los(also kein warten auf den countdown wie in den League games). Es wird mit CPs gespielt und TK is aus.

Hier die Seitenverteilung, damit jeder von Anfang an der richtigen Seite beitritt

Map#1 AR = REB/KUS
Map#1 AR = EMP/REP

Map#2 AR = REB/ ... Read more »

Views: 469 | Added by: {AR}Fir | Date: 2017-05-21 | Comments (0)

I've created and proposed a new tournament called SWBFLeague. This tournament has its own website that you can visit here:

The tournament hasn't started yet but it won't take long to start the official registration to participate.

NOTE: People that registered on AR site can use that account on tournament site too.

I encourage AR members to participate!!!
Views: 386 | Added by: darthredux0498 | Date: 2017-02-24 | Comments (0)

Ancient Reborn News:


I am pround to announce our new Event#5 on Sunday 5th march 2017. Almost everything will stay the same.

There is only a tiny difference:
We will start at 7pm CET not 8pm.

If enough players join us 1hour earlier, we can keep it that way and enjoy one more hour of loads of players. Otherwise (if only a few show up at 7pm) we will reset the known time to 8pm for our next event.

So remember it's 7pm NOT 8pm.

Views: 114 | Added by: {AR}Fir | Date: 2017-02-09 | Comments (1)

Ancient Reborn News:

Monday, 2016-12-05

First off, I'm disappointed to announce that COWORTH BG left us for "independence".
On the other hand though, Congratulations to DarthRedux04, who passed his( extremely long) trial time!
( I will send you the Member pw asap ) You now may introduce yourself!
The ARena server will now also run a couple of mod maps, the maps you need to download can be found


About the unofficial event on 18.12.2016: as I think it's not enough time to get everyone to know about it, it will stay unofficial.
That doesn't mean you can't join us on Sunday, 18th.

Once again congratz to Redux :)


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Ancient Reborn News: AR Event#3

Sunday, 2016-11-27

On November 27 we're going to have our next Public Event! We will start at 8pm (CET) as always. So remeber to set the alarm to that time :D

If you prefer another time to start at post it in the comments below.


Views: 141 | Added by: {AR}Fir | Date: 2016-11-05 | Comments (0)

Wednesday, 2016-10-05
Ancient Reborn News: AR Server and Event#2

AR has been around for more than 3years now. It's finally time to present you our first ( actually 2nd due to Totti etc..but first just sounds better :p ) AR Servers! The servers will be running 24/7 and will provide a nice ping for european players.


Server password can be found here: Multiplayer > Server


We're also starting our Sunday[2016-10-09] events now( Event#2 Conquest: CP on )! So be sure to clean your boots and be ready to take some CP.


Views: 175 | Added by: {AR}Fir | Date: 2016-10-05 | Comments (0)

Wednesday, 2016-06-01
Ancient Reborn News: GameMaster Legacy

Thanks to there will be a new Masterserver.


Because of the actual shutdown of GameMaster today, the servers won't be displayed anymore

To get back in game you will need to download a new -->EXE, or change your host file

(get the german exe here)


go to to download stuff from there, you will need to register

at the top of the page there should be a link to the new SWBF/SWBF2 EXE that you can download and replace with the old GameMaster exe

( ... Read more »

Views: 269 | Added by: {AR}Fir | Date: 2016-06-01 | Comments (0)

Thursday, 2016-05-19
Ancient Reborn News: The End of GameMaster ?

After more than a year of GameMaster the end is near. On 1.06.2016 the Service of GameMaster will come to an end and with it, the end of the exe we are all using.

We will maybe have to move on to GameRanger or Tunngle...

To stay stuned check:



Views: 204 | Added by: {AR}Fir | Date: 2016-05-19 | Comments (0)

Wednesday, 2016-03-09
Ancient Reborn News: New SWBF Division

Due to the great activity on SWBF it's time to write some news!


We do now have an own Star Wars Battlefront Devision!

and may offer you a Conquest Squad as well as a Deathmatch Squad

Our aim is to keep SWBF alive by establishing a group of european players to play SWBF regularly.

Our current SWBF Days are

Thursday 20:00 o'clock and

Sunday   20:00 o'clock

so feel free to play with us at those times!

Join us now on our way to #1

(To join us download the GameMaster fix for SWBF)

@all new memers: please register on the forum (:


Views: 302 | Added by: {AR}Fir | Date: 2016-03-09 | Comments (0)

Wednesday, 2015-04-01
Ancient Reborn News: Disbanding AR

First I wanna thank you all for the great time we had.
Playing with all of you guys has been really fun biggrin
*especially on Mos Eisley*
We have now been playing since more than a year.
But for quite some time now the lack of activity grows.

That's why I decided to disband AR.
To come up with this hasn't been easy...but we all knew it would have to happen...
sooner or later
That's quite sad sad we always used to have much fun together....

I do hope we will meet again in SWBF2 or maybe even SWBF(3)
Otherwise I wish you all the very best for your future time!
Leave a last comment for AR


--> ... Read more »
Views: 1329 | Added by: {AR}Fir | Date: 2015-04-01 | Comments (3)

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