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Ancient Reborn
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We are a 3-year-old Star Wars Battlefront Clan. We are active and having fun while playing! We are multi-national and accept everybody who has fun and doesn't flame. Our aim is the reborn of the Original Battlefronts .


Join us

There are some requirements for new members:

- (basic) knowledge of the English language

- got e-mail, on which the new member is easy to reach

- being an active player

- doesn't use cheats (radar, dot etc.)

- doesn't flame

- respect decisions of the Leader or members with a higher rank

- no multiclaning

- last, but not least, having fun while playing!


Not every member of the AR clan is allowed to ask people to join. Only when the Leader gives you permission, you are allowed to invite people to AR.



Procedure SWBF

After your request (posted on the forum under "Join AR") you will either get an e-mail, a discord message(if you have discord), maybe an AR pm or an in game message, which should explain the further steps.

Procedure SWBF2

After your request (posted on the forum under "Join AR") you'll get an e-mail with an invitation to play at a certain date and time. This way we are able to check your behaviour and skills in SWBF2. When you have permission after this 'check' of our Leader to join, you will become a Private. After a test period, you'll become a Soldier. After that, you have to earn / fight for a higher rank.


Looking for a clan? Join AR!

Our Leader/members are daily online, just ask (or e-mail), meet the requirements and become one of us!

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