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Ancient Reborn
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General stuff
- Never stand still, never run in a straight line.

- Watch out for mines at your command post

- Reloadbug: To fix this bug simply switch your extra weapon (2nd weapong e.g. grenades, poison, recon droid).

- Speednade = Nades will explode faster if you throw them into water or stick them to something e.g. ammo droid/player/deployable turret

- Try to use jump/roll only to avoid being hit by a pack rocket. Rolling and jumping is predictable. Instead try to dodge shots by moving randomly.

- Blow mines with recon droids or deployable turrets, this way you can blow the Heavy Trooper too.

- A flashing icon on the minimap shows that the certain player is acting(like throwing a mine/nade)


Speed Up:

- Buffreloadtime can be speed up by changing to the same unit at a friendly cp.

- Full secondary can be speed up on every faction by putting a medipack close to a friedly cp. Change then your current class to sniper and pick the medipack. Change back to any class. You will have a full secondary.


To find enemies:

- Open your map(put it close to your movement keys e.g.f), default is 'm'.

- Lock Target, 4 arrows circle the target,default 'q' doesn't work with:rocket launcher, instead rocket launcher can track vehicles e.g. Rebel's snowspeeder, AT-AT or STAPs, MagnaGuard's Bulldog RLR missiles will even change their flight path a little bit when tracking enemies.



- Options -> Online -> Search all regions -> Yes (You'll see a lot more servers)

- Put your mouse sensitivity slowly higher

- Normal hosting allows you to have 4 slots on a selfhost server. If you change your Options -> Hosting Bandwidth, you will be able to play with more players on a server.

If your SWBF2 is crashing on maps such as Mos Eisley, Kashyyyk or Naboo we got some tips for you which might help you:
- First of all make sure that you tried to re-install your SWBF2 game.
- If that didn't help yet you can try to change between your profiles (yes, it works for some players)
- Last tip would be to make sure that you installed your SWBF2 1.1 patch(correctly)


Spawntime and cp taking time:

- You are always spawned at the same seconds (every 15 seconds).





- It takes 11 seconds to turn a cp to neutral. It takes another 11 seconds to turn it to a friendly cp.



  • 10: turn a cp friendly with recon controller + activated recon droid or score a flag
  • 6: stop the enemy carrying your flag close to a cp
  • 5: take an enemy cp as first
  • 4: kill an enemy close to a cp
  • 2: kill enemy/capture cp when you are second or more
  • 1: destroy a turret/take the flag


How to fight an invisible Bothan Spy:

- Use mines, mine narrow points.

- Sniper's autoturret can help you finding the Bothan by shooting at times you don't even see them (it also helps you finding enemies in general).

- Put 2 Health Dispenser close to you and heal yourself with them, thus the Bothan can't kill and becomes visible.


How to fight a MangaGuard's poison:

- The MangaGuard's poison can be cured by changing your trooper at a friendly command post.

- (Republic) the Commanders buff, the damage reduction, slows down the MangaGuards posion (you need a clone in range to make this work).



- Dark Trooper glitch/3shocker: First of all you got to hit the enemy (probably wooki) on ground, then fly into the air and hit him in air, fly again and hit again. The entire glitch/3shocker is about acurracy and velocity, if you miss one hit the whole thing failed ( you can train this on close maps e.g. Tantive, corridor on Deathstar etc).

- The imperial Dark Trooper can fly higher by flying high backwards instead of forwards.



- Droideka: change to this class, then change back to another one and you'll get full health & ammo back. (Changing class at a friendly cp only gives you full health).



- The Jettrooper can shoot faster if you fly after shooting, works with grenades too.

- Republic Commander: to use your damage reduction you need a teammate next to you to make it work.

- Switching your current trooper to Republic Commander will refill your entire ammo for your primary weapon



- Use bothan when you got energy regens -> the bothan doesn't lose stamina in stealth mode.

- A wooki will shoot if you keep switching weapons after firing



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