2:16 PM
Hey Xyifer smile
@everyone else who finds this old place: we're now using discord to stay in touch! Read about it in the News: http://ar-clan.ucoz.com/news/new_ar_clan_discord_server/2017-11-17-37
5:36 PM
Hey, i just noticed this exists!
6:50 PM
Hey Jenny biggrin
8:15 PM
7:45 PM
7:44 PM
2:50 PM
hello there!
8:26 PM
absage jenny ?
7:35 PM
hey Jenny, nicht vergesse in 30 min
7:01 PM
2:11 PM
Crush? tongue
11:19 AM
Why would anyone need 3 discs to install the game ;-)?
Read your pms, Crush tongue
5:22 AM
Yess. Disc 3 of my original is corrupt, so, been trying to figure a way to play again. Has the PC community changed any since the revival? Such as more members than before shut down.
6:30 PM
It's been a long time indeed, Crush smile Check out SWBFgamers.com for their SWBF2 patch. AR is definately not on steam/gog but barely on the spy patch too. Mainly just SWBF1 now(the one from2004)
9:49 AM
Hey everyone, been a long time. Hope you all have been doing well. What version of Battlefront 2 is the clan on? Steam or Gog? Haven't had any luck with the game launching for gog, sadly
3:18 PM
I'll be back at 22:30
10:11 PM
2 SWBF2s just confuse. They should have at least named em differently. Searching for SWBF2 on the internet mainly brings up ea content..which I am not looking for >.<
10:09 PM
Do you read your PMs griev :-P?
6:35 PM
But i think having two Battlefront 2 is better than having only one smile
6:27 PM
Yeah i played the new Battlefront EA and even the beta of the new battlefront 2.
6:26 PM
I was saying that clan FuoCo is ready for a challenge like the good old times.
5:27 PM
What other clans do you remember ? btw I saw a FuoCo member a couple of month ago but I forgot his name.
"Clan FuoCo is" what were you trying to say?
5:25 PM
You come back to play on GR because of steam? because from what I see steam got gameranger pretty empty. Anyways good to see you again tongue Did you actually play the new bf? I remember us talking about
4:40 PM
I'm FuoCo Grievous, do you remember me?
4:38 PM
Hey Fir, how are you?
7:08 PM
Great Screenshots red yes
12:57 PM
AR Event#5 screenshots are now available. Check in the phobo album! http://ar-clan.ucoz.com/photo/
7:48 PM
was ist denn jetzt los ist kein server da
8:22 PM
Welcome to AR Mirky! smile booze
12:17 PM
check the messages at the bottom of the tag board wink
11:43 PM
I remembered my login! biggrin
11:42 PM
Hey Hey
5:03 PM
Creating site problems tongue
5:00 PM
I would be a great Admin!
4:58 PM
You want to be one? wink
4:54 PM
apply to become an admin
4:48 PM
Well..what about me!
4:22 PM
Thanks for helping out that quickly!
4:17 PM
Great biggrin
4:14 PM
But you solved it already
4:12 PM
Trying to figure out the problem
4:08 PM
Hey Fir
4:03 PM
hi Aqui ?
8:06 PM
6:10 PM
hello y0ster morgen ist noch SWBFleague also mit pw. einfach im Public warten wenn du da bist =P
9:26 AM
canĀ“t wait for the clanwar biggrin
7:04 PM
Huhu ihr lieben smile
5:09 PM
wer isn heute alles dabei ?
2:28 PM
Guys! From now on my nickname is {AR}Red04 instead of {AR}DarthRedux04! So don't worry, I'm still active! booze
6:30 PM
Heyy du ich hoffe du liest es ich bin erst um ca 21 uhr da,bin noch kurz unterwegs.:)