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Admin AR server
AquileyDate: Thursday, 2014-07-17, 3:02 PM | Message # 1
Group: Administrators
Messages: 63
Status: Offline
Go ahead Wacka happy

WackaDate: Saturday, 2014-07-19, 7:35 PM | Message # 2
Group: Users
Messages: 10
Status: Offline

Basically. Aqui and Fir you have been added to the server's database. This means when you start chat with a ! the server will try and complete the command.

Scenario 1: 
Player name: {AR}Wacka_
[Lt]Problem: Is killing teammates like this was free for all
Desired Admin action: Kick for teamkilling
Admin command (typed exactly like this; nothing before or after): !ktk Wacka

! = command
k = kick
tk = teamkilling
Then take a unique but ordered section from their name that doesn't anyone else's name. E.g. A lot of Darth somethings around and Darth alone won't cut it so if their name is Darth_Maul type !ktk maul and it will kick. biggrin
This feature will never leave the server so whenever it is up you have these powers.

Scenario 2:
Player: ********
Problem: Having an inappropriate name
Desired Admin action: Kick for having an inappropriate name
Admin command: !kname ********

Now most times, as server manager, I'd prefer you to warn.

Scenario 3:
Player: Bobby
Problem: Glitching
Desired Admin action: Warn for using map exploits
Admin command: !wexp bobby

Now sometimes the warn command is different to the k/ b command.

for example:

Scenario 4:
Player name: Walter_White
Problem: Isn't listening to Admin
Desired Admin action: Warn to listen to Admins
Admin command: !wlist walt

Scenario 5:
Player name: Somedoodwhois104
Problem: not listening to admin
desired admin action: kick for ignoring admin
admin command: !kign doodwho

Any questions? 

gw - global command e.g. !gwexp = every sees this = do not use map exploits
w - wanr e.g. !wexp = only selected player sees this = do not use map exploits

No capital letters and make sure u get it right to prevent embarrassment.

You can't talk as admin but i can send you admin pw in which u type /admin /login <password>
then it'll say logged in
then you write /admin /say <custom message> and it'll appear as an admin message smile

These are all the commands for the AR server: Don try to memorize all just use teamkilling for kicking and banning and warn through admin chat if it's too difficult. It'd be best if u did memorize the patterns though biggrin

Some here may not work yet as im going to add them. smile

Added (2014-07-17, 3:33 PM)
NoCP>"No Command post taking please"|warn,
[wcp]Noflag>"No flag taking please"|warn,
[wflag]Spawnkiller>"Please do not spawn kill"|warn,
[wspawn]Spawnkiller>"Please do not spawn kill"|global,
[gwspawn]Respect>"Please respect other players"|Global,
[gwresp]Respect>"Please respect other players"|warn,
[wresp]Greeting>"Hello fellow SWBF2 player! Have fun!"|Global,
[gwaa]Warn>"Don't question Admin's decisions"|warn,
[wDont]Warn server>"Please do not chat spam"|global,
[gwspam]Warn server>"Please do not play disruptively"|global,
[gwdis]Warn server>"Please do not team kill"|global,
[gwtk]Warn server>"Please do not attack your own team"|global,
[gwayot]Warn server>"Please do not shoot friendly vehicles"|global,
[gwsfv]Warn server>"Please do not use map exploits"|global,
[gwexp]Warn server>"Please do not team stack"|global,
[gwtmstk]Warn server>"Please keep your username appropriate"|global,
[gwname]Warn server>"Please keep your language clean"|global,
[gwlang]Warn server>"Please listen to the admins"|global,
[gwlist]Warn server>"The server will be rebooting shortly"|global,
[gwreb]Warn server>"The server will be passworded shortly"|global,
[gwpw]Warn player>"please do not chat spam"|warn,
[wspam]Warn player>"please do not play disruptively"|warn,
[wdis]Warn player>"please do not team kill"|warn,
[wtk]Warn player>"please do not attack your own team"|warn,
[wayot]Warn player>"please do not shoot friendly vehicles"|warn,
[wsfv]Warn player>"please change your name to something more appropriate"|warn,

Added (2014-07-17, 3:34 PM)
[wname]Warn player>"please tone down your language"|warn,
[wlang]Warn player>"please do not team stack"|warn,
[wtmstk]Warn player>"please listen to the admins"|warn,
[wlist]Warn player>"please stop using map exploits"|warn,
[wexp]Warn player>"the server will be rebooting shortly"|warn,
[wreb]Warn player>"the server will be passworded shortly"|warn,
[wpw]Kick player|kick,
[kick]Kick for>"chat spamming"|kick,
[kspam]Kick for>"disrupting gameplay"|kick,
[kdis]Kick for>"team killing"|kick,
[ktk]Kick for>"attempted team killing"|kick,
[katk]Kick for>"shooting friendly vehicles"|kick,
[ksfv]Kick for>"having an inappropriate name"|kick,
[kname]Kick for>"using inappropriate language"|kick,
[klang]Kick for>"team stacking"|kick,
[ktmstk]Kick for>"ignoring admin requests"|kick,
[kign]Kick for>"using map exploits"|kick,
[kexp]Ban player for 10 minutes|ban,600,[b10min]

Added (2014-07-17, 3:34 PM)
Ban player for 1 day|ban,86400,[b1day]
Ban player for 3 days|ban,259200,[b3day]
Ban player for 1 week|ban,604800,[b1week]
Ban player for 1 month|ban,2592000,[b1mon]
Ban player permanently|ban,
[ban]Ban for>"chat spamming">for 1 day|ban,86400,[bspam1day]
Ban for>"chat spamming">for 3 days|ban,259200,[bspam3day]
Ban for>"chat spamming">for 1 week|ban,604800,[bspam1week]
Ban for>"chat spamming">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[bspam1mon]
Ban for>"chat spamming">permanently|ban,
[bspam]Ban for>"disrupting gameplay">for 1 day|ban,86400,[bdis1day]
Ban for>"disrupting gameplay">for 3 days|ban,259200,[bdis3day]
Ban for>"disrupting gameplay">for 1 week|ban,604800,[bdis1week]
Ban for>"disrupting gameplay">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[bdis1mon]
Ban for>"disrupting gameplay">permanently|ban,
[bdis]Ban for>"team killing">for 1 day|ban,86400,[btk1day]
Ban for>"team killing">for 3 days|ban,259200,[btk3day]
Ban for>"team killing">for 1 week|ban,604800,[btk1week]
Ban for>"team killing">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[btk1mon]
Ban for>"team killing">permanently|ban,
[btk]Ban for>"attempted team killing">for 1 day|ban,86400,[batk1day]
Ban for>"attempted team killing">for 3 days|ban,259200,[batk3day]
Ban for>"attempted team killing">for 1 week|ban,604800,[batk1week]
Ban for>"attempted team killing">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[batk1mon]
Ban for>"attempted team killing">permanently|ban,
[batk]Ban for>"shooting friendly vehicles">for 1 day|ban,86400,[bsfv1day]
Ban for>"shooting friendly vehicles">for 3 days|ban,259200,[bsfv3day]
Ban for>"shooting friendly vehicles">for 1 week|ban,604800,[bsfv1week]
Ban for>"shooting friendly vehicles">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[bsfv1mon]
Ban for>"shooting friendly vehicles">permanently|ban,
[bsfv]Ban for>"having an inappropriate name">for 1 day|ban,86400,[bname1day]
Ban for>"having an inappropriate name">for 3 days|ban,259200,[bname3day]
Ban for>"having an inappropriate name">for 1 week|ban,604800,[bname1week]
Ban for>"having an inappropriate name">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[bname1mon]
Ban for>"having an inappropriate name">permanently|ban,
[bname]Ban for>"using inappropriate language">for 1 day|ban,86400,[blang1day]
Ban for>"using inappropriate language">for 3 days|ban,259200,[blang3day]
Ban for>"using inappropriate language">for 1 week|ban,604800,[blang1week]
Ban for>"using inappropriate language">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[blang1mon]
Ban for>"using inappropriate language">permanently|ban,
[blang]Ban for>"team stacking">for 1 day|ban,86400,[btmstk1day]
Ban for>"team stacking">for 3 days|ban,259200,[btmstk3day]
Ban for>"team stacking">for 1 week|ban,604800,[btmstk1week]
Ban for>"team stacking">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[btmstk1mon]
Ban for>"team stacking">permanently|ban,
[btmstk]Ban for>"ignoring admin requests">for 1 day|ban,86400,[bign1day]
Ban for>"ignoring admin requests">for 3 days|ban,259200,[bign3day]
Ban for>"ignoring admin requests">for 1 week|ban,604800,[bign1week]
Ban for>"ignoring admin requests">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[bign1mon]
Ban for>"ignoring admin requests">permanently|ban,
[bign]Ban for>"using map exploits">for 1 day|ban,86400,[bexp1day]
Ban for>"using map exploits">for 3 days|ban,259200,[bexp3day]
Ban for>"using map exploits">for 1 week|ban,604800,[bexp1week]
Ban for>"using map exploits">for 1 month|ban,2592000,[bexp1mon]
Ban for>"using map exploits">permanently|ban,[bexp]

Added (2014-07-17, 3:35 PM)
Yeah they've messed u[p a bit
the bit in [] is the command which follows the line okay?

Added (2014-07-17, 3:36 PM)
Match them up and you'll be on your way biggrin

Added (2014-07-19, 5:44 AM)
Some new commands: 
Respect warn server: !gwresp 
Respect warn player: !wresp
Kick for disrespect: !kresp
Youtube channel command: !gwyt
Website address command: !gwweb

With the CP and flag rule breakers !kdis will work until I put in some new commands for those.

Added (2014-07-19, 5:48 AM)
!kflag = kicking for taking flag
!kcp = kicking for taking cp

Added (2014-07-19, 5:53 AM)
Also a 1 hour ban has been made: !b1hour <playername>

Added (2014-07-19, 6:24 AM)
You have full permission Admin commands when the server is empty btw

Added (2014-07-19, 6:25 AM)
So you can practice on yourself. smile If you do want to practice banning I will unban you as soon as I see it.

Added (2014-07-19, 2:59 PM)
btw, the server manager has been reset due to someone joining and crashing the entire .exe I've replaced everything except for the admins. You will have to join the server, fir and aqui, and i will make u admins again. sorry.

Added (2014-07-19, 3:46 PM)
Nevermind bout that, I found ur keyhashes in the same document that tracks scores of player. smile

Added (2014-07-19, 7:35 PM)
New commands:
!gwgg = 'Good game, all' as said by Admin
!gwna = 'Request accepted' if someone makes a server suggestion this command will make it come up in the server manager
!gwnet = 'if someone wants to know the general location of the the server host
!gwsr = server rules
!b5min = ban for 5 minutes
!b30min = ban for half an hour

FrenchAngryPlayerThemisDate: Saturday, 2014-07-19, 10:03 PM | Message # 3
Group: Users
Messages: 33
Status: Offline

- Themis - 
"All is vanity" 

Angry French Player Themis with you...

WackaDate: Monday, 2014-07-21, 8:12 AM | Message # 4
Group: Users
Messages: 10
Status: Offline
Thanks :)

Added (2014-07-21, 8:12 AM)
New commands:
!wtank = warn no tanks
!gwtanl = global warn no tanks
!kinn = kick for breaking the rules

FrenchAngryPlayerThemisDate: Monday, 2014-07-21, 3:37 PM | Message # 5
Group: Users
Messages: 33
Status: Offline
I have a question Wacka, what about triple Shot with Darky ? For all players with whom I played, it never was a "glitch" it's a maner to play this good unit. Without this type of shot, the darky is realy realy dominated by the wookie !

WackaDate: Monday, 2014-07-21, 5:10 PM | Message # 6
Group: Users
Messages: 10
Status: Offline
Triple shot, if done right, is overkill. The Wookie has no chance. Considering every other class is 1-2 hit kill, it is looked down upon but, nether the less, it is allowed. But only due to its difficulty, not every player can do it. smile

FrenchAngryPlayerThemisDate: Monday, 2014-07-21, 7:22 PM | Message # 7
Group: Users
Messages: 33
Status: Offline
I will continue to use the triple shot, even if you don't agree.

And Wookie has chance.. It a realy good moment for a Wookie when the Darky triple shoot ! When the Darky will triple shoot, I shoot up him and he fly to the lunchnade unvolontary, it's a good type of airnade.
And with the switch of the wookie it's hard, weapons of Wookie are cheated if you know how to play with them, like for the Darky, that's the reason I like them.

WackaDate: Monday, 2014-07-21, 8:14 PM | Message # 8
Group: Users
Messages: 10
Status: Offline
Okay, well like I said they're not disallowed. But from my point of view, and I'm not a bad wookie (can be debated lol ;D), darkie glitch is sometimes too tricky to deal with. So basically, no punishment on AR server for it and now I see the full story, it's just another method of playing. Guess I got to spruce up on wookie skills lol smile

FrenchAngryPlayerThemisDate: Monday, 2014-07-21, 8:42 PM | Message # 9
Group: Users
Messages: 33
Status: Offline
There's different maner to play, I use the old school maner.

WackaDate: Sunday, 2014-08-03, 4:47 PM | Message # 10
Group: Users
Messages: 10
Status: Offline
AR Server is back online, please tell me if you have any problems connecting

jimmmmyDate: Monday, 2014-08-04, 1:48 AM | Message # 11
Group: Users
Messages: 1
Status: Offline
I have a problem connecting I just time out

FrenchAngryPlayerThemisDate: Monday, 2014-08-04, 1:50 PM | Message # 12
Group: Users
Messages: 33
Status: Offline
The server is everytime online or only in train time ?

- Themis - 
"All is vanity" 

Angry French Player Themis with you...

arwackaDate: Wednesday, 2014-09-03, 2:14 AM | Message # 13
Group: Users
Messages: 1
Status: Offline
Anyone got any tutorials on how to host with the new patch? I just couldn't seem to get it working. The case was what Jimmmmy explained; continuous timing out issues. I believed it to be a hosting problem because the patch .exe was for U.S. or Germany, not Britain. So maybe it wasn't compatible with my net region. Dunno, really. If any Germans or 'Muricans want to give it a try that'd be good.

To get an AR server up and running would be great so maybe ARs could be more active as not many play. In all honesty, tis' probably because the appalling, unsportsmanlike style most of the 9 year players adhere to that's driven most of us away. I know a few are busy but I personally can't tolerate their spawn-killing dependency and I imagine other players, not just ARs, feel the same way and that's why I think an AR server would be beneficial.

The link for the SWBF2SM:;56946

It'd be nice to get it the way it was and not depend of the new Battlefront to revive the clan back to the way it was. I'm not saying the clan is dead, infact I had a good time with Fir today! It's just with so many inactive ARs, it all seems a bit glum sometimes. 

So... yeah. Any one interested in starting up a server that would remain up 24/7 or knowledgeable of methods to gain a sever that would be up permanently, please write here. smile

- Wacka

Note: I was very tired when I wrote this, so if I write like a tool (lol) try to look past it, thanks. biggrin

FrenchAngryPlayerThemisDate: Wednesday, 2014-09-03, 3:55 PM | Message # 14
Group: Users
Messages: 33
Status: Offline
Can't, but I'm active ;')

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